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The consistent unrivalled quality and excellent performance of our tapes and strappings are the reasons why professional athletes and physios always choose the Steroplast brand. Our simple to apply tapes stay put during the most competitive of sports, throughout the most extreme environments.

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25 results
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Taping and StrappingPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyTaping Accessories

5mm Self Adhesive Soft Wool Orthopaedic Felt

Protection for sore feet and joints 22.5cm x 45cm x 5mm sheet...

3076 Boxing Wraps 1
BoxingTaping and StrappingHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsSteroplast Branded ProductsTaping Accessories

Boxing Hand Wraps

Breathable cotton hand wraps designed by pros to create the perfect tool...

Leukotape P Sterosport
ClubBasketballBoxingTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyFixing TapeZinc Oxide Tape

Combi Pack – Leukotape P and Fixomull

This pack is ideal for patellofemoral taping and taping where strong adhesion...

Hypafix 10cm x 10m Sterosport
ClubBasketballTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyFixing Tape

Hypafix Tape

Hypafix dressing tape is a highly adhesive fixation tape that can secure...

KO Tape Special Offer
BoxingTaping and StrappingSteroplast Branded ProductsZinc Oxide Tape

KO Tape

Special offer: Buy 12 Rolls of KO Tape, Get 12 Rolls for...

KO Wrap Sterosport
ClubFirst AidPlayerBoxingBandagesTaping and StrappingPhysioSteroplast Branded ProductsZinc Oxide Tape

KO Wrap – Boxing Gauze

KO Wrap is a high-quality cotton gauze bandage used to protect a...

9642 Mueller Tuffner Pre Tape Spray
ClubBasketballTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketProduct TypeFootballHockeyNetballRugbyTaping Accessories

Mueller Tuffner Pre Tape Adhesive Spray

The pre-tape adherent spray to increase the stick between the skin and...

1673 PVC Sports Tape
ClubPlayerTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHockeyRugbySock Tape

PVC Sports Tape

The versatile sports tape is used for a multitude of sporting applications...

Taping foot 1
ClubBasketballBoxingTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded ProductsTaping Accessories

Sports Taping Sample Pack

The Sterosport Sports Taping Sample pack is ideal for sports rehabilitation students,...

taping scissors hand held 2 600x600 1
First AidBasketballBoxingTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyScissorsTaping Accessories

Sports Taping Scissors

Stainless steel scissors for fast and accurate cutting of sports tapes Cut...

1630LF Steroban Cohesive 2
ClubBasketballBoxingManagementTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballCohesiveHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugby

Steroban Cohesive Bandage

Latex-free cohesive bandage, that sticks to itself and not to skin or...

1661 Steroban Cohesive Riplite 3
ClubBasketballBoxingManagementTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketCyclingStaffFootballCohesiveHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

Steroban Cohesive Riplite Compression Bandage

The number one compression bandage for sports physiotherapists Easy to use supportive...

3075B Steroban U Underwrap 2
ClubBasketballBandagesTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded ProductsUnderwrap

Steroban-U Underwrap

Polyurethane foam wrap which protects the skin from direct contact with tape...

6854 Sterofix Dressing Retention Tape 3
First AidBasketballBandagesTaping and StrappingPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyDressingsFixing TapeSteroplast Branded Products

Sterofix Dressing Retention Tape

Premium skin-friendly fixing tape to secure dressings and bandages to the skin...

2092W EAB Premium 1
ClubBasketballTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHockeyNetballRugbyEABSteroplast Branded Products

Steroplast EAB – Premium

High-quality elastic adhesive bandage, used by professionals to treat a wide range...

2083TL EAB Tearlite 3
ClubBasketballTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHockeyNetballRugbyEABSteroplast Branded Products

Steroplast EAB – Tearlite

Latex-free ‘crinkly’ elastic adhesive bandage that tears easily by hand A versatile...

3543WP Trainers Choice 1
ClubBasketballTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHockeyNetballRugbyEABSteroplast Branded Products

Steroplast EAB – Trainers Choice

The number one choice of elastic adhesive bandage for everyday club use....

6864 Sterotape Clear
First AidTaping and StrappingClear TapeSteroplast Branded Products

Sterotape Clear

A hypoallergenic surgical tape made from a transparent film Thin tape tears...

6871 Microporous Tape 2
ClubFirst AidAdventureBasketballBoxingManagementTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketCyclingStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyMicropore TapeSteroplast Branded Products

Sterotape Microporous – Micropore Tape

Soft and flexible, the non-woven microporous tape conforms to the contours of...

Sterotape Special Offer
First AidTaping and StrappingSilk TapeSteroplast Branded Products

Sterotape Silk

Special offer: Buy One Pack of Six Rolls, Get One Pack of...

6900 Sterotape Twin Pack 2
Taping and StrappingPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyFixing TapeSteroplast Branded ProductsZinc Oxide Tape

Sterotape Twin Pack

Everything you need for taping and strapping for joint pain For taping...

4051 Sterotape Z.O 2 1
ClubBasketballBoxingManagementTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketCyclingStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded ProductsZinc Oxide Tape

Sterotape Z.O. Zinc Oxide Tape

Rigid adhesive zinc oxide tape for strapping up joints to prevent sporting...

3010 Sterotape K 3
ClubAdventureBasketballPlayerBoxingTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyKinesiology TapeSteroplast Branded Products

Sterotape-K Kinesiology Tape

Special offer: Buy One Roll of Beige, Get One Roll of Beige...

Tensospray 600px
ClubBasketballTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyTaping Accessories

Tensospray Pre Tape Adhesive Protector

Tensospray 300ml is a clear spray that leaves a protective film on...

1512 Tuff Cut Scissors 1
ClubFirst AidAdventureBasketballBoxingManagementTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketCyclingStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyScissorsTaping Accessories

Tuff Cut Scissors

High-quality stainless steel tuff cut shears for first aid and emergency situations...