About us

About us

If you’re a sports participant, club manager, stadium owner, medic or sports therapist, you’ll know just how important first aid for injury prevention and recovery is. First aid for sport is not just about fixing an injury during play, but has the power to speed up recovery, prevent permanent damage, and even be the difference between life and death.

Because of this, we believe, when it comes to sports first aid products, just ticking the boxes isn’t enough. You need supplies as resilient, reliable, and ingenious as the people using them.

From sports tape and PPE to sports first aid kits and trauma equipment, we’ve got your back. We’ve been listening to sports participants, managers and sports injury specialists for over 25 years to design and manufacture answers to every injury need.


Our Guarantee

We never compromise on quality and always go the extra mile to exceed our own high standards of quality. In addition to this, you can expect:

  • Products from a leading brand in the UK

  • Manufactured to stringent British Standards

  • A fast and reliable service every time

  • 100% product and service satisfaction guarantee

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Expert help

If you’re a player searching for the right product to help with an injury, you’re struggling with, or if you’ve been tasked with buying your club’s first aid equipment for the coming season, don’t worry we’re here to help.


Our partners

You don’t need to take our word for the high-quality service we offer. Find out what our current Sterosport partners say about us.

Our history

Many of our customers will know us through our parent brand Steroplast Healthcare, a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic equipment and medical consumables for over 25 years. In the beginning, our sports first aid supplies were designed and manufactured under the Steroplast Healthcare brand.

Over time, mass popularity and high demand for sports healthcare supplies paved the way for a stand-alone service tailored to the sports communities that put their trust in us, and so Sterosport was born.

The inception of Sterosport focused solely on sports healthcare, meaning that we could refine our offering, providing value to all those who want to enjoy sports. Beyond top quality products, consulting with our partners and associates in sports communities has helped us to develop authority on all things sports healthcare-related.

We invest in teams and individuals that inspire us. From local grassroots clubs to elite teams, it is our goal to use sports to help keep people moving. We’re proud to play a part within the booming sports sector in the North West.

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A unique coordinated approach

Our approach to working in the sports sector is unique. Ultimately our aim is to build partnerships within sports communities to be taken on their journeys towards their goals. Thanks to consultation in their day to day challenges, we learn about how sports injuries need to be combated and prevented in real-world situations.

Through our coordinated approach, we listen to our customers. This helps us to assist sports organisations more efficiently and innovate to create products for every situation.

But our innovation doesn’t stop there. We also use our expertise to help educate people in sports and injury rehabilitation communities on how to play safe and optimise recovery.

Our website is a central hub for sports news, how-to guides, regulations and guidelines to help people at all levels keep up to date. We base all our guidance on what we’ve learned from the professionals we work with to give you the best, most accurate information.

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