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Who we work with - Partners

Sterosport are very proud to be working alongside many professionals’ organisations, athletes and physiotherapists. Providing them with the products they need, to perform at an elite level. The quality of our products is what encourages teams and individuals to speak to us and work alongside us. If you would like to work with Sterosport, please contact us today and we can arrange a meeting. It’s a chance to see how we can help you. To see the relationships we are building with our customers, see the quotes below from some of our current partners.

Cricket Studies, Myerscough College

Our cricket students are learning the principles and techniques of sports first aid, injury treatment and rehabilitation. The Steroplast range of sports tapes and medical products help the students to get experience of working with the best consumables. The students compete at a high level and we always make sure the Steroplast Sports Medical Kit is with us in training and at matches for the treatment of injuries.


Working in partnership with Steroplast has been really important to the development of our partnerships with clubs and National Governing Bodies of sport. As well as local partnerships away from the sport sector. In areas where sport can play a role in tackling wider social issues such as knife crime. Steroplast are passionate about supporting sports clubs and ensuring they have the tools and knowledge they need. To help support volunteers in clubs and of course athletes with helpful information on sports rehab, injury prevention and treatment. The thing that has really come through from the team at Steroplast is their real desire to support the community in Manchester and the sports teams in our city.

Jimmy Kilrain Kelly

Jimmy Kilrain Kelly

As a professional boxer it’s vital that I protect my hands and stay injury free. With Steroplast products, I have the confidence to train and compete at 100% intensity. The Sterosport platform and team make it simple to find the products that I need, when I need them. I won’t use anything else to protect my hands in the ring!

Manchester Storm

Manchester Storm Ice Hockey Club

Manchester Storm are proud to work in partnership with Steroplast. In the fast-paced sport of ice hockey it’s vital that we have access to exceptional quality medical products that are easy to use and reliable during matches and training. When injury inevitably strikes, we can trust the Steroplast range of sports tapes, bandages and first aid products to support the fast recovery and rehabilitation of players.

Manchester Titans American Football Club

The Manchester Titans have been working with Steroplast since 2016. We are proud to call them our lead partner and even prouder to say we were one of the first sports clubs they began working with across Greater Manchester. The support and guidance they have provided us as an amateur club along with the unrivalled quality of their products has been pivotal in the Manchester Titans recent success. Having Steroplast products available on our side lines ensures we can keep our athletes fit and healthy. Also taking care of them and administering immediate treatment should it be required.

Stockport County Football Club

Steroplast are a fantastic local company which has provided Stockport County FC 1st team and academy with quality tapes, strappings and other medical equipment. It has been a pleasure working with the company and staff for the past season.

Your Sports Therapist

We have been using Steroplast for the last few months of the 2018/19 season as our rugby first aid supplier. From managing two competitive local rugby clubs, our consumption of tape, ice packs and everything in between is quite high. We couldn’t source everything in one place. Since working with Steroplast, their products, pricing, and general level of service is far superior to that which we have been used to before. And all from one supplier! Additionally, having a great relationship with many of the staff at Steroplast means that I can pick up the phone, and speak to someone who knows me and my business well enough to provide what we need. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steroplast products, or their team to any sports club or health related business. We look forward to working with them for the 2019/20 season!