Water Bottle With Chin Rest


The ideal drinks vessel for team use as it removes the threat of cross contamination

  • No mouth contact as water is sprayed directly into the mouth
  • Chin rest aligns the mouth with spray nozzle
  • Easy squeeze bottle is ideal for all ages
  • Simple to refill using the screw top lid
  • Bottle is completely dishwasher safe
  • Reduces the risk of infection


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Features & Benefits

  • 750ml bottle
  • Internal straw for pump action spray
  • Contoured grip for additional comfort
  • Ideal for team sports

Product Uses

In all sports, rehydration is paramount. It doesn’t matter if it’s an endurance, strength or team sport, without water it’s game over! In training and in events, water should be constantly on hand to help players stay hydrated. The handy Steroplast water bottles are perfect for teams or individual use. They hold up to 750ml of liquid, and are lightweight enough to be kept in your kit bag.

The beauty of the chin rest top, is for infection control. If your training with other people present, or within a team. There’s always going to be someone using your bottle. The chin rest top means that you can drink water and never place your mouth around the bottle itself. Simply, place your chin on the rest and give the bottle a squeeze, the liquid is then sprayed directly into your mouth!