Ferno Vacuum Splints

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Set of 3

Innovative temporary splints that mold around an injured limb

  • For immobilisation of hands, wrists, arms, legs, shoulders and hips
  • Flame-retardant material
  • Fully welded with no seams or textiles for easy clean
  • Highly flexible splints that mold around limbs
  • Even disbursement of granules for optimal immobilisation
  • X-ray translucent


£134.00 per Splints
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Features & Benefits

  •  Short arm splint 51cm x 33cm
  •  Long arm splint 74cm x 61cm
  •  Long leg splint 128cm x 99cm
  •  Vacuum splint set includes all 3 and zip-up storage bag
  •  No adapter design valves
  •  Molds around the patient’s limbs

Product Uses

Whether landing badly in the long jump, taking a fall on the gymnastics mat or receiving a bad foul on the football pitch. A leg or arm can be dislocated or broken during any training session or event. Having the correct equipment to splint a suspected broken, dislocated or fractured bone is a must for any sports club or organisation.

Ferno Vacuum Splints are fast to apply, and are a pain-free immobilisation device. The splints mold to the contours of the hand, wrist, arm, leg, shoulder or hip, providing optimal and comfortable support until treatment can be received.