Triangular Bandage


Pack of 50

The versatile bandage that can be used to support and immobilise limbs

  • Supports strains, sprains and breaks
  • Immobilse hands, wrists, elbows or shoulders
  • Recommended content for all HSE compliant first aid kits
  • Can be used to hold large dressings in place
  • Calico-Hemmed is washable and reusable
  • Non-woven option is a more cost effective single-use item


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  • Calico
  • Non-Woven

Features & Benefits

  • Available in non-woven and calico material
  • Washable calico bandage is ideal for training purposes
  • Cost effective non-woven bandage is disposable after use
  • 50 bandages per pack
  • CE Marked
  • Each bandage is individually wrapped
  • Ideal for training purposes
  • Bandages 90cm x 90cm x 127cm

Product Uses

Most first aid kits will include a triangular bandage, whether non-woven or calico. It’s a highly-versatile piece of first aid equipment. The bandage is unlike other rolled bandages, its triangular shape gives it many applications. In an emergency situation, it can step in for other equipment that you may not have.

The standard purpose is for creating a sling and immobilising an arm in place until treatment can be given. However, it can also be used for treating head injuries, bracing sprained ankles, as a makeshift tourniquet, to splint broken legs, immobilise a fractured jaw, as a hip wrap, and the sterile options can be used to treat bleeding wounds.

So, as you can see, the triangular bandage is surprisingly versatile tool for all sports first aiders and medics.