Steroswab Sterile Non-Woven Swabs


Box of 125

A sterile non-woven swab for cushioning and protection of an open wound

  • Prevent wounds from drying out
  • An additional absorbent layer for bodily fluids
  • Can be applied in conjunction with a low adherent dressing
  • Swabs made up of 4ply cotton
  • Maintains it shape even when wet
  • Excellent cleansing performance


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  • 5cm x 5cm
  • 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • 10cm x 10cm

Features & Benefits

  • Helping to cushion and protect an open wound
  • Available in 5cm, 7.5cm x 10cm sizes
  • 125 swabs per box
  • 5 swabs per packet, 25 in box
  • Prevent dryness
  • CE Marked
  • Sterile, single use swabs
  • 4 ply non-woven material

Product Uses

Steroswab sterile non-woven swabs are single-use, absorbent padding and protection for dressing sports injuries. If a rugby player takes a blow to the face which opens up and is bleeding, you need an absorbent pad to stem bleeding.

Alongside the application of a low-adherent dressing, Steroswab can be used to protect the wound. Keeping it clean and preventing it from drying out. Any medic will tell you, even the smallest of cuts can produce a LOT of blood. So having a box of swabs ready as an additional layer, helps to absorb the flow of blood. Also available are Steroswab non-sterile gauze swabs.