Sterostrip Sutures


Extra strong and reliable wound closure strips

  • Nylon fibres run the length of each suture for increased strength
  • Lost lasting adhesion
  • Low allergy strips for sensitive skin
  • Act as butterfly stitches, preventing the wound reopening
  • Closure strips ideal for cuts and deep wounds
  • Reduces healing time and chances of scarring


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  • 3mm
  • 6mm
  • 30 Sutures
  • 50 Sutures

Features & Benefits

  • Strongest, most reliable sutures on the market
  • Will not snap under normal body movements
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Available in 3mm and 6mm strips
  • 3mm – 10 pouches with 5 strips in each
  • 6mm – 10 pouches with 3 strips in each
  • Nylon strengthening fibres increase hold
  • Ideal for deep wounds
  • Strips stay on longer for improved healing
  • CE Marked
  • High quality wound closure strips
  • Provide a superior cosmetic result

Product Uses

Sterostrip Sutures, or wound closure strips, skin closures, non-stitch sutures, butterfly stitches as they are sometimes known, are a great product to have in your medical kit. If a rugby or football player collides with another player, or is cut by boot studs/blades this can leave them with a deep wound. The sutures are then used – literally – to close the cuts and hold them closed for protection.

The strips are very popular in combat sports, if a fighter cuts their face during sparring or in a fight, the sutures can hold that cut closed until they receive treatment.

Great for the treatment of wounds where more than just a plaster or dressing is required.