Steropax Eyepad

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Pack of 12

For dressing damage to an individual’s eye and preventing further damage

  • High quality and low adherent dressing
  • A must have item for any first aid kit
  • Thick and absorbent pad
  • Premium quality sterile wound dressing
  • Oval shaped pad matches the contours of the face
  • CE marked and NHS approved


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Features & Benefits

  • 12 Eyepads per pack
  • NHS Approved
  • CE Marked
  • Individually wrapped to keep dressing clean
  • Sterile, single-use
  • Unmedicated pad

Product Uses

In any sport, it’s quite easy to pick up an eye injury, and when they do, they need instant treatment. Whether it’s a blow from an opponent in boxing. sand in the eye from a beach sport, or a stray finger from defender on the football pitch. The tiniest scratch to the eyeball can be very very painful.

Once the eye has been irrigated with Eyewash, a Steropax Eyepad can be used to dress the eye preventing any further damage. The unmedicated pad cushions and protects a wound whilst absorbing any exudate. The pad itself can be simply tied around the head, until the individual can seek further medical help.