Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage


The cut-to-size tubular bandage ideal for holding dressings in place on the body

  • Breathable gauze allows the wound to breathe
  • 100% cotton in sizes to fit the whole body
  • Prevents creams or ointments transferring onto clothing or bedding
  • Zero wastage, as gauze bandage can be cut to desired length
  • Can be used underneath EAB for skin protection
  • Economic alternative to flat bandages


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  • 3.5cm x 20m
  • 5cm x 20m
  • 8cm x 20m

Features & Benefits

  • Economic alternative to flat bandages
  • Skin protection beneath elastic adhesive bandages
  • 20 metre stretched length gauze
  • Available in 3.5cm, 5cm and 8cm widths
  • CE Marked
  • 3.5cm – Child limbs and adult hands
  • 5cm – Child limbs and adult limbs
  • 8cm – Large adult limbs

Product Uses

Sterogauz is a cut-to-size, tubular bandage which provides added protection for dressed wounds. The tubular gauze fits snugly around any limb to hold dressings in place over wounds whilst playing sport.

If one of your players has cut their hands and you have dressed the wound, Sterogauze can be rolled over the top of the dressing, keeping it securely in place. The beauty of the product being, it’s supplied on a 20 metre roll, so can be cut to size each time it’s used. This makes it a low-cost alternative to flat bandages.