Sterofreeze Spray

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Instant pain relief in a can, the ice spray that cools the skin and relieves muscle pain and stiffness

  • Ultra-fast acting pain relief for sprains, strains, muscles and joints
  • Works instantly like ice – fast and effective
  • For use during or post sport/activities
  • Cools the skin area and relieves muscle pains
  • Great for use on hard-to-reach areas of pain
  • Ideal solution for stiffness


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Features & Benefits

  • Fast acting relief
  • Cools the skin instantly
  • 150ml can
  • CE Marked
  • The replacement for the magic sponge
  • Relieves muscle pain
  • Ideal for cramp, sprains and bruises
  • For adults and children over 6 years old

Product Uses

Sterofreeze Spray is a simple, user-friendly product that a sports first aider can have in their kit to provide an instant burst of pain relief to an individual’s injury. The cooling relief can be applied directly to the affected area. The spray will provide an instant pain relief with longer-lasting results compared to ice packs. Ideal for common knocks and bumps in team sports including football, rugby, cricket, hockey and netball.

The spray can be used any time needed, so it can be applied during or after exercise. It works in the same way as other cold therapies, by reducing the swelling and numbing the affected area. The beauty of the spray – it’s always ready to work! It does not need to be kept cold, simply keep it in your sports first aid kit and it’s ready when needed.

After a bang, bump or collision, Sterofreeze will help to numb the pain – it’s the modern replacement for the Magic Sponge!