Steroban-U Underwrap

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Pack of 6

Polyurethane foam wrap which protects the skin from direct contact with adhesive

  • Multi purpose wrap for football, netball, rugby, hockey and other team sports
  • Lightweight pre-taping wrap forms a protective layer over the skin’s surface
  • Ideal when using adhesive tapes and strappings on a regular basis
  • Provides additional support and padding for swollen or sensitive areas
  • Equalises pressure under strappings and casts
  • Can be used to help prevent skin maceration
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, to avoid friction and chafing


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Features & Benefits

  • Protection for the skin
  • Additional support and padding for sensitive areas
  • 27m stretched length
  • 7cm width
  • 6 rolls per pack
  • Prevent direct contact with tape adhesive
  • Ideal for athletes regularly taping and strapping
  • CE Marked
  • Makes tape removal much simpler
  • Prevents strong tapes painfully pulling out hair

Product Uses

Steroban-U Underwrap is a pre-tape, foam wrap, used by physios and athletes as a barrier beneath adhesive tapes and strappings. This protects the skin and increases wearer comfort. The lightweight wrap conforms to any part of the body prepping the area for a stronger layer of tape.

Underwrap is an ideal option for sportsmen and women with sensitive skin. Wrapping an area before application of tapes helps to reduce chafing and rubbing, protecting the skin and not affecting performance.

As with Steroban Cohesive, underwrap is another highly-versatile product that has found many alternative uses in the world of sport. Footballers use it to hold their shin pads in place beneath their socks. Professional athletes, especially female footballers with long hair choose underwrap to hold their hair back out of their eyes. Due to the strict regulations applied on hair accessories in the football association.

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