Steroban Cohesive Bandage


Box of 12

Latex free cohesive bandage, that sticks to itself and not to skin or hair

  • Versatile and easy to use bandage for football, rugby, netball, cricket and hockey
  • Provides controlled and effective compression for sprains and other sports injuries
  • 5cm size for small joints and precise bandaging
  • 7.5cm and 10cm sizes for large joints and limbs
  • Assorted pack including 3 x blue, 3 x green, 3 x red, 3 x yellow
  • Provides correct and consistent compression support
  • Non-slip, latex-free coating keeps it in place once applied
  • Can be removed and reapplied when needed
  • No need for fastening pins, clips or tape
  • Tears easily, no scissors required
  • Individual wrapping, ensures bandages are clean and germ free


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  • 5cm x 4.5m
  • 7.5cm x 4.5m
  • 10cm x 4.5m

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to remove and reapply compression bandage
  • 4.5 metre stretched length
  • Available in 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm widths
  • 12 roll pack includes 3 x blue, 3 x green, 3 x red and 3 x yellow
  • Steroplast Cohesive Bandage sticks to itself and not to hair or skin
  • Latex free product, ideal for sensitive skin
  • CE Marked
  • Underwrap is not required
  • Use with Adhesive Felt for compression taping of ankle, knee and other injured joints

Product Uses

Steroban Cohesive is a compression bandage ideal for use on any limb or area of the body. The bandage only coheres (sticks) to itself, it will not adhere to the skin, hair or clothing. This means it is very simple to apply and even simpler to remove – with no pain.

The high-stretch bandage can create as much tension as the user chooses to apply. Using a layering technique creates additional support.

This is why it is a great choice for compression bandaging for sprains, strains and other sports injuries ie; elbow, wrist, ankle and knee support wrapping. Cohesive bandage is one of the most popular bandages used in sport, as it has an endless amount of uses.

This versatile bandage can be used as:

  • Ice pack wrapping – keeping a cold compression fastened directly to the affected area
  • Sock tape – holding football socks in position without restriction, which complies to FIFA rules
  • Ear tape – it is wrapped around rugby players heads and ears for protection in scrums
  • Dressing retention tape – it’s a fast and simple way to hold a dressing in place whilst applying compression
  • Shin pad tape – the bandage holds shin pads to the leg without any restriction
  • Finger tape – goalkeepers use it to protect their joints whilst allowing full manoeuvrability
  • Blister protection – the bandage can be used to reduce friction and help to prevent blisters forming

The list could go on and on, as everyone has their own uses for Steroban Cohesive, it’s the multi-purpose bandage. The beauty being, if it hasn’t been applied correctly, remove it and re-apply. Also available in the cohesive family is Steroban Cohesive Riplite, the easy tear supportive cohesive bandage.

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