SAM Splints


Easily moldable aluminium splints engineered to provide versatile support

  • Manipulated into any shape – fold, bend and curve it as needed
  • Splints can be cut to the desired shape to splint a certain limb or area
  • Unrivalled flexibility, when the splint is curved, it becomes stronger and more supportive
  • Only requires wrap or tape to support a fractured limb
  • Globally acclaimed by emergency services, US military and NASA
  • The cleanable exterior makes the splints reusable
  • See Size Guide below within Features and Benefits


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  • Finger
  • Jnr
  • Flat
  • XL
  • Roll

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof and reusable
  • Unrivalled flexibility
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Latex free product, ideal for sensitive skin
  • Flat and Roll – 4.25″ x 36″ – 4 oz – Ideal for immobilising an adult’s limb
  • Jnr – 4.25″ x 18″ – 2.4 oz – Suitable for Junior limb splinting
  • XL – 5.5″ x 36″ – 5.9 oz – Designed for extra support of larger limbed adults
  • Finger – 1.8″ x 3.75″ – 0.2 oz – A must-have splint for sports people that face a high risk of finger injuries

Product Uses

SAM Splints are a truly-unique product with unrivaled flexibility. They can be manipulated and moulded to splint any limb. Each additional bend and curve makes the splint stronger and more supportive. The splints are used across the world, and are highly regarded by emergency care providers, outdoor enthusiasts, the US military and NASA!

In the sporting world, injuries are always going to happen, and there is no real way of stopping this. It is hard for teams, clubs or venues to have enough immobilisation facilities to cover every single possibility. However, this is where the SAM Splint steps in.

SAM is available in several sizes, each can be bent, curved and manipulated in a way to splint and support almost any injury. Don’t believe us? SAM can and has been used to create a splint/support for; a broken finger, thumb, wrist, elbow, ankle, leg, knee and much, much more, it can even be used to create an adjustable cervical collar!