PhysioWrap SPORT


The fast and effective system for applying and securing ice/gel packs to injured areas

  • Helps treat injuries fast – no need for preparation or unwrapping
  • Provides a clear view of the area around the injury for bruising or other symptoms
  • Eradicates the need for tape, pins or fasteners
  • Contributes to effective R.I.C.E treatment
  • Portable and easy to store, a must have for all sports physios
  • Significantly helps speed up recovery time


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  • Refill
  • System
  • Team

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty sports tool
  • No need for pins, tape or fastenings
  • System – 1 dispenser and 1 roll
  • Refill – 2 rolls
  • Team – 2 dispensers and 2 rolls
  • Easy to store in medical kit
  • Painless to remove
  • Each roll is 10cm x 100m
  • One roll consists of around 50 applications
  • No need for scissors as wrap tears by hand

Product Uses

PhysioWrap Sport is a portable sports injury tool that makes attaching ice packs, gel packs and other forms of hot and cold therapy to soft-tissue injuries – simple and fast! Every sports physio can easily store the lightweight applicator in their matchday kit, ready to treat any injury with cold or heat therapy.

Should a player get fouled badly or fall awkwardly during a game, they can then leave the field and be treated instantly, leaving the wrap in place to do it’s work until full time. The physio

can wrap loosely around the area first to provide a protective barrier to the skin before applying ice or a hot/cold pack. Once applied, wrapping around again several times and sealing. The beauty of PhysioWrap is it sticks to itself – it’s self-sealing – so, no need to pins or fasteners.

If you have watched Premiership football, rugby, cricket or other competitive sports, and kept an eye on the subs bench, you will seen this product in action.