Nasal Plugs

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Pack of 100

Soft and absorbent cotton plugs for treating nosebleeds

  • Stop nosebleeds fast in football, rugby, hockey, cricket and boxing
  • Ideal for treating all nasal bleeds and wounds
  • 100% virgin cotton non-linting plugs
  • Inserted into the nostril to control the bleed
  • Ideal for use in high contact sports
  • Helps speed up the healing process
  • Comfortable and easily removed


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Features & Benefits

  •  3.8cm long cotton plugs
  •  100 plugs per pack
  •  Non-sterile
  •  Latex free

Product Uses

Nasal plugs are a very simplistic product for the treatment of nosebleeds. No matter what sport you’re involved in, whether rugby, boxing, football, basketball or any other. it’s always possible to pick up a nosebleed. A blow to the face from an opponent, or from a ball or stick, or it could even start on it’s own. However it starts, your player is out of the game until it stops.

A football physio is under pressure, as his team is 10 v 11 until he can stop the bleed. With a pinch of the nose and a plug or two placed neatly into the nasal passage(s). The blood will be absorbed and hopefully the player will be back on the pitch before the other team can take advantage.