Mueller Tuffner Pre Tape Adhesive Spray

SKU: PAR9642

The pre-tape adherent spray to increase the stick between skin and sports tapes

  • Spray-on adhesive to secure tapes to skin better
  • Ensures the tape stays in place longer
  • A choice for tough taping procedures
  • Provides antiseptic protection to the skin
  • Ideal for when tapes are used in wet conditions in sports including football, rugby, netball, hockey, running and cycling
  • Used on sweaty areas of the body for increased adhesion


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  • 113g
  • 283g

Features & Benefits

  • 113g (4oz) aerosol spray
  • 283g (10oz) aerosol spray
  • Secure tapes and wraps
  • Quick drying glue
  • Flammable
  • Can be applied to skin or tape

Product Uses

Mueller Tuffner Pre-Tape Adhesive is a spray that increases the adhesion between the skin and a sports tape. This spray-on adhesive makes the tape stick more securely and ensures it stays-on for longer. The spray itself is colourless, so cannot be seen on the skin.

The spray is used for taping up injuries in extreme conditions. It ensures tapes-stay-stuck even in wet, hot, damp, muddy and sweaty environments. Sports physios, medics or

rehabilitators will use the Mueller spray when taping players injuries during training, competition or matches in all sports including football, rugby, cricket, hockey and netball.

It’s the number one choice of the professionals when taping endurance athletes, such a long distance runners, swimmers or triathletes. During these events athletes can get very sweaty and obviously when swimming, they will get wet. The spray helps tapes stay in place throughout entire events, even in the areas that build up the most sweat.

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