KO Cotton Tips

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Pack of 50

Long and strong wooden swabsticks tipped with premium cotton tips for treating cuts on the face

  • Increase your reach when treating cuts, keeping fingers out of the way
  • Helps to avoid cross contamination and infection
  • Professionals cutmen won’t work without them
  • Apply petroleum jelly, antiseptic and other treatments with ease
  • Large, premium cotton tips – bigger than other brands
  • A must-have for all boxers corner teams


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Features & Benefits

  • Ideal tool for treating cuts and wounds
  • Premium tipped swabs
  • 6″ long wooden swabsticks
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Allows increased reach and coverage
  • 50 large premium cotton swabs

Product Uses

During sport, if there’s a cut, there’s a lot of blood, even from the smallest of wounds! If a rugby player is accidentally trodden on in the scrum, a footballer collides heads with another player, or a boxer receives a powerful right hook to the cheek, all of these can lead to bad cuts, lacerations and open wounds. Add to this, the player’s heightened pulse, you’ve got yourself a lot of blood.

A physio or medic will want to get to the target area, this is where the applicators can help. They provide you with an extra 6 inch reach, keeping hands out of the way and allowing precision application. The wound can then be treated and the bleed can be stopped – fast with the absorbent cotton tips.