Junior Sports Team First Aid Kit

SKU: 8128

The handy, easy-carry kit that includes all the first aid supplies you’ll need for your team

  • A great choice for kids sports teams; football, rugby, netball etc
  • Contains quality products used by hospitals around the world
  • Compact bag is made from tough and waterproof nylon
  • Roll out the bag for access to several sections
  • Each section can be sealed individually
  • Each compartment is transparent, to help you find the products you need fast
  • Download the kit contents here


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Features & Benefits

  • Tried and tested proven products
  • Tough and compact soft nylon roll up case
  • High-quality 70 piece first aid kit
  • Containing CE Steroplast consumables
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Each compartment secured with a zipper
  • All products are easy to see in clear compartments
  • 100% product guarantee
  • Velcro fastening for quick opening
  • Comprehensive contents covering general first aid

Product Uses

Professional teams and medics will all be given first aid equipment. However, what do you do if you’re running a junior team? You still need first aid equipment, but unfortunately it’s not provided for you.

The Junior Team First Aid Kit is ideal for coaches or first aiders for children’s sports team. The kit has everything you’ll need to treat a child’s minor first aid injury, including bandages, dressings, plasters and ice packs. The kit is suitable for all junior team sports including football, rugby, cricket, hockey and netball. For larger and older teams, we also supply a Sports First Aid Kit, which may be more suitable.

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