Ferno Combi Head Immobiliser

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The universal immobiliser that prevents further injury to an individual’s head and neck

  • A strong, resistant and reusable head immobiliser
  • Can be used on all variations of scoops and spineboards
  • PU moulded block and antimicrobial velcro fasteners contain antibacterial additives
  • X-Ray and MRI scanner friendly
  • Modular design enables replacement of individual parts
  • Quick and simple to deploy when needed


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Features & Benefits

  • Immobiliser 24.5cm x 30cm x 17cm
  • Weight 2.32kg
  • Designed for optimum fitting to scoop stretchers and spineboards
  • Latex-free polyurethane head blocks
  • Surface damage will not affect the effectiveness of the product
  • Compact design makes for simple storage options

Product Uses

In contact and team sports such as rugby, football, hockey and american football, or extreme and action sports such as skateboarding, bmx, motorsports or ice skating collisions, falls, collisions and impact injuries are unfortunately a common occurrence.

In the event of these injuries, immobilisation of the individual may be required. If there is a possibility of a spinal or neck injury, it’s vital to ensure the head and neck is immobilised correctly. The Ferno Combi head immobiliser is highly-durable, reusable and perfect for any club to keep with their immobilisation equipment. It can be used alongside almost all scoop stretchers and spineboards.