Eyewash and Wound Wash 500ml Station

SKU: 1416

A durable, wall mounted eyewash station that could save someone’s sight

  • Easily positioned on any wall where the eyewash may be needed
  • Made from a strong and lightweight plastic
  • Pre-drilled holes in each corner for fixation to a wall
  • Moulded recesses hold 2 of the 50 ml Sterowash bottles and 2 eye pads
  • Each bottle stays in place when others are removed
  • Includes a small shatterproof mirror


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Features & Benefits

  • Once installed it’s permanently there in case of an emergency
  • 2-in-1 eyewash can save someone’s sight
  • Pre-drilled holes for wall mounting
  • Easy clean plastic construction
  • Simple installation
  • Moulded recess ensures bottles stay in place on their own
  • Station includes 2 x 500ml bottles, 2 eyepads and a mirror
  • Station 37cm x 26cm x 18cm (inc bottles)

Product Uses

The eyewash and wound wash station is a wall mountable plate, ideal for sports facilities and venues. It provides instant access to 50ml eye and wound wash bottles for eye irrigation and cleansing of wounds.

The topical, sterile eyewash solution, contains Sodium Chloride BP 0.9% w/v in purified water BP. There is no added antimicrobial agent or other substance and it is sterile and pyrogen free. The eyewash solution can be used for the irrigation and cleansing of the eyes or wounds. It can be used to remove mud or insects from the eye and clean dirt and mud from wounds.