Disposable Resuscitator


A sterile and single-use resuscitator for patient lung ventilation

  • An essential tool for an emergency kit
  • Manually inflate the lungs of an unconscious patient who isn’t breathing
  • 360 degree swivel connector for ease of use
  • Excellent recoil recovery following compression
  • Resuscitator is completely latex free
  • Transparent bag for complete visibility


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  • Adult
  • Child

Features & Benefits

  • Textured non-slip grip
  • Available in adult and child sizes
  • Adult – 1600ml oxygen reservoir bag
  • Child – 550ml oxygen reservoir bag
  • Transparent bag for internal visibility
  • Latex free
  • Child bag includes 35cm H²O safety pressure release valve
  • Adjustable air cushion mask for maximum patient comfort
  • Supplied pre-assembled
  • Can be used with face mask or endotracheal tube

Product Uses

The disposable resuscitator, big valve mask (BVM), manual resuscitator or self-inflating bag as it can also be known.This is something you don’t want to use, but you definitely need to have in your emergency equipment, just in case.

Should the situation ever arise, if a player stops breathing or is not breathing adequately. A trained medic will use the hand-held device to force-feed air/oxygen into the individuals lungs, inflating them, manually providing positive-pressure ventilation.