Cotton Cellular Blanket

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Lightweight cotton cellular blanket to keep injured individuals warm whilst awaiting treatment

  • Cellular design traps warm air which then keeps the individual warm
  • Blanket has hemmed edges to prevent fraying
  • 100% cotton blanket is completely washable
  • Provides warmth and comfort to individuals awaiting treatment
  • Used by all emergency services
  • Can be rolled and used as head or limb support


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Features & Benefits

  • High quality cotton blanket
  • Can be used as limb support
  • Blanket 150cm x 200cm
  • Hemmed edge prevents fraying
  • Washable and reusable
  • Red cellular design

Product Uses

An emergency blanket is a must have, for all outdoor sports teams. It’s cellular design traps the warm air from the individual, helping to keep them warm. When a player is badly injured on a football, rugby, lacrosse or any other outdoor sports pitch, it could take time to move them or treat the injury. Whilst they’re on the turf they are in pain and slowly losing body heat.

This sports casualty blanket, can be applied straight away, using the players body heat and keeping them warm until emergency help arrives. If an injury is serious, perhaps a broken bone or worse, there is a possibility that once the adrenaline of the event wears off, the individual could go into shock. The blanket then helps to provide comfort, and warmth to battle this. Other options are foil blankets and Blizzard 2 layer compact blankets.