Clubhouse First Aid Bundle

SKU: 8599-CLUB

Bundle of 2

British Standard Workplace and Catering First Aid Kits in one money-saving bundle

  • The highest quality products, meeting the toughest UK and EU standards
  • Contents are packed into specific, individual compartments
  • Placement diagram in the lid showcases product locations
  • Suitable for sports clubs, venues, gyms and schools, meeting all your first aid needs
  • All catering kit dressings are blue and electro-magnetically detectable
  • Each kit is supplied in a translucent durable plastic case with carrying handle


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Features & Benefits

  • British Standard BS8599-1 compliant
  • Burns dressing included in both kits
  • Find products quickly and easy in an emergency
  • First aid kits can save lives and are required by law
  • Kits can be easily positioned where people can see them everyday
  • Kits are designed to be user friendly in an emergency situation
  • Tried, tested and comes complete with robust guarantees
  • Designed to meet the toughest UK and EU standards
  • Durable translucent plastic case 28cm x 10cm x 29cm
  • Includes medical grade, high-tack adhesive dressings
  • Catering kit is ideal for clubhouse kitchens, inside and outside catering areas
  • Once plasters are applied to clean dry skin – they’ll stay in place

Product Uses

Injuries in any workplace including a sports club can be life threatening, you should be able to reach a suitable first aid kit within 60 seconds

The BS8559-1 Workplace and Catering First Aid Kits are fantastic all-encompassing first aid kits, ideal for sports club health & safety, food preparation and catering needs. The kits comply to British Standards, with an array of contents to cover almost all possible first aid problems.

Each kit is supplied in a durable plastic case, making the kits ideal for clubhouses, sports clubs, sports facilities and private practice physio premises. With these kits, sports clubs can be confident in covering the first aid needs for visitors, volunteers and staff.

If your sports club has a catering or kitchen area, you are required to provide first aid equipment for the staff working in these areas. Whether an indoor or outdoor catering facility, the Sterochef kit can be carried from station to station in its durable plastic case or stored in situ using a wall bracket. The kit includes dressings, tape and plasters all of which are blue. Should a plaster or tape come off whilst you’re working, it can then be easily found, preventing the contamination of food. Ideal for sports club kitchens and outdoor catering events such as BBQs.

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