First Aid Kit – Burncare

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The burncare kit for fast and effective treatment of burns, scalds and sunburn

  • Help reduce trauma and help prevent infection immediately
  • The red kit is highly visible and easy to find in an emergency
  • Suitable for all sports clubs and facilities, for immediate treatment of burns
  • For the treatment of first, second, and third degree burns
  • Stored in a red translucent durable plastic case with carrying handle
  • Contains Burnshield products used by the Emergency Services for over 20 years
  • Download the kit contents here


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Features & Benefits

  • Fast effective treatment for burns, scald and sunburn
  • A one-step burn treatment
  • The perfect product for treating skin burns effectively
  • Its bright red box is highly visible and easy to identify
  • Reduce trauma and help prevent infection
  • Well established product used by the Emergency Services for over 20 years
  • It’s a legal obligation to have a clearly visible kit where burns could occur
  • Ensures you and your club complies with health and safety regulations
  • Burncare Kit covers 1-10 people
  • Durable plastic case 28cm x 10cm x 29cm

Product Uses

The Steroplast Premier Burncare Kit covers up to 10 people and has burns dressings and equipment to provide effective treatment for burns and scalds. The kit itself has been designed to ensure an organisation is complying with health and safety regulations.

An organisation is legally obliged to have a burns kit – clearly visible – in any environment where burns are possible. The Premier kit comes in a durable polypropylene box, which is

vibrant red – so easy to see. It can also be wall mounted for easy storage.

The kit contains Burnshield sachets and dressings. Burnshield is a sterile, hydrogel product which provides physical protection against burns. Each dressing has been designed for heat dissipation. They are the ideal solution for fire burns, scalds, sunburn and friction burns.

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