Boxing Wrist Wraps

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Breathable cotton hand wraps designed by pros to create the perfect tool for hand and wrist protection

  • Provides protection to the hands and wrists to withstand impact
  • Prevents injury by securing hands and wrists for joint alignment
  • Maximum support and comfort from breathable wraps
  • Thumb strap closure ensures each wrap has a secure fit for complete protection
  • Wraps are machine washable for cost effectiveness
  • Use alongside KO Tape or Z.O for ultimate protection


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Features & Benefits

  • Protect your hands and wrists during impact
  • Maintain joint alignment
  • 2 wraps per pack
  • Each wrap is 177″ long (4.5 metres)
  • Machine washable
  • Tough and durable wraps
  • Secure velcro fastening
  • Classic boxing wraps for added support

Product Uses

In the boxing ring, gloves are not enough to protect your hands from injury. There are 27 individual bones in each hand, all of which can be broken. They need protection whether you’re training or fighting. Your wrist can also be quite fragile, it can be turned easily, which will be painful and stop the fight in its tracks.

Fight night aside, if you’re on the heavy bag or sparring, boxing wraps are a must to protect your wrist and hands. It’s only when you hurt yourself, that you will realise this – so why wait?

These reusable hand wraps provide excellent hand and wrist support and protection. They’re a one-off purchase that you can store in your gym bag to prevent injury. The wraps will keep your hands aligned, and support your wrist when striking and blocking. The wraps protect your hands and wrists from possible fractures or sprains, keeping your hands in the correct shape – thumb in place – allowing you to hit harder!

How to put on boxing wraps Рsimply use the thumb strap closure, wrap around the hand and wrist, and secure with the velcro fastening.

Wraps are perfect for MMA, martial arts, boxing, combat sports and even in the gym for cross fit and boxercise classes. However, when you step into the ring on fight night, you’ll need zinc oxide tape – Sterotape-Z.O or KO Tape – as this will give you the added protection, you need.

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