Blizzard 2 Layer Compact Blanket


Thermal protection for individuals needing to be kept warm or treated for hypothermia

  • Great piece of survival kit for climbing, mountaineering, walking, canoeing and other outdoor sports
  • Unrivalled thermal quality, 5 togs warmth
  • Fully waterproof and windproof
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Keep an injured individual warm whilst awaiting treatment
  • Designed to wrap around the entire upper body
  • Blankets are reusable and never lose performance


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Features & Benefits

  • Vacuum pack 17cm x 17cm x 1cm
  • Blanket size 1.1m x 1.96m
  • Weight approximately 131g
  • Orange blanket
  • 5 togs – equal to a medium weight sleeping bag
  • Ultra-light 2-layer Reflexcell material

Product Uses

The Blizzard blanket is the latest innovation in thermal protection. In emergency situations, it keeps individuals warm and helps to treat chilling and hypothermia. The blanket is a must for all adventure sports. Walkers, climbers, cavers, canoeists, ski mountaineers, adventure racers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts will carry a Blizzard blanket as a safety precaution in case of accidents.

The blanket is an essential aid to help manage hypothermia. Particularly for those whose injury allows them to self-evacuate from the emergency situation, or who need good upper body protection in an emergency. It’s ideal for casualties who need to be immobilised due to injury or accident, and keeping warm until they can be reached by emergency services.