Biohazard Kits


Effective handling and cleaning of highly infectious and potentially life-threatening bodily fluids

  • Biohazard kits and equipment that are fully compliant with current HSE guidelines
  • For safe handling and disposal of infectious microorganisms
  • Containment and disinfectant equipment provided in each pack
  • Each application pack is individually packaged
  • Kits include Hygea hand wipes and Steroclenz Rapid
  • 5 application kit supplied in a clear premium case


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  • Biohazard Absorbent Powder
  • Biohazard Clean Up Pack
  • Premier Biohazard Kit

Features & Benefits

  • Kit meets all Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Absorbent powder is 100g tub
  • Powder turns liquids into solids for easy removal
  • Scoop and scraper make cleaning quick and easy
  • Disinfectant spray cleans the area after removal
  • Disinfectant spray is 50ml Steroclenz Rapid
  • For safe and effective handling, containment and disposal
  • Clean up bodily fluids, quickly and safely

Product Uses

Every club must think of its players, visitors and staff. Health and safety guidelines are put in place to assure organisations do this and have the equipment needed to do it right.

Having a Biohazard kit in your club means, you’re prepared. Should there be an occasion when you need a safe and effective handling, containment and disposal of infectious microorganisms. (which can be found in blood, vomit, urine, mucus, faeces and semen) You will have the facilities to do so, safely.

Having a kit with several applications means you always have the equipment to disinfect, decontaminate and deal with any infection control problems that may occur.