BackBaller Foam Roller

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Dual-mounted foam-roller that provides a focused muscle relief

  • Specifically designed to self-treat upper and lower back muscles
  • Platform provides increased stability and control
  • Pre and post sport self-myofascial release tool
  • Knead-out all of your muscle groups
  • Normalises muscle tissue
  • Used across the world by high-profile sports professionals and clubs


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Features & Benefits

  • Backballer 45.5cm x 28cm x 17cm
  • Weight 2.6kg
  • High density EVA foam rollers
  • Minimal spinal contact
  • Steel bearings for smooth rolling
  • Neoprene grips

Product Uses

Foam rollers have become a must-have for all athletes and sports teams. The rollers offer similar benefits to that of a sports massage, but it’s hard to take a sports masseur wherever you go, and fit them in your gym bag! Using a roller regularly will reduce inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress, whilst improving circulation and flexibility. Using a roller pre-sport prepares muscles for the strain ahead, and post-sport aids muscle recovery.

The Backballer is the next level in foam rollers! The dual-mounted foam roller allows for focused muscle relief,

whilst the platform increases stability and gives the user increased control. It’s the ideal tool for the treatment and rehabilitation of back pain, and sports injuries including running, rugby, football, cricket and hockey. The roller can become part of your teams strength and conditioning training regime. Helping to build core strength, improve flexibility and prevent sports injuries.

Many high profile teams and individuals have already taken on the BackBaller including Manchester City and Arsenal Football Club.