Ambu Perfit ACE Extrication Collar


Pack of 1

An adjustable one-piece rigid cervical spine immobilisation device

  • 16 precise size settings for a customised fit
  • Ease of access for pulse checks and airway procedures
  • Posterior shell for ventilation and fluid drainage
  • Latex free, radiolucent, MRI and CT-scan compatible
  • 4 standard adult size settings
  • Comprehensive sizing system for simple, accurate sizing


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  • Child
  • Adult

Features & Benefits

  • Adult – 16 adjustable settings
  • Child – 12 adjustable settings
  • Extrication collar stores completely flat
  • Safety-lock buttons for reliability
  • Foam padding is non absorbent and stain-repellent
  • Extra velcro for individuals with thin necks

Product Uses

In sport, there’s always a possibility of collisions, falls and impact injuries. Direct blows to the head, or shoulders can create disc, nerve damage, sprains, strains and other neck injuries. The extent and severity of the damage, may not be known at scene. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

The Ambu Perfit Ace Collar is a one-piece, rigid, cervical spine immobiliser. Players of contact sports like rugby, football, hockey and american football can incur neck injuries on a regular basis. In extreme/action sports such as snowboarding, motorsports and skateboarding, these injuries can be more frequent and a lot more serious An adjustable collar takes up very little room, but it is vital.