A must-have for all sports first aid kits, Sterosport has a wide range of sports bandages and tapes for injury prevention and treatment.

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KO Wrap Sterosport
First AidClubPlayerBandagesTaping and StrappingBoxingPhysioSteroplast Branded ProductsZinc Oxide Tape

KO Wrap – Boxing Gauze

KO Wrap is a high-quality cotton gauze bandage used to protect a...

PHY001 Physicool Bandage 3
ClubFirst AidBasketballBandagesBoxingCricketPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyHot and Cold Therapy

Physicool Cooling Bandage

Speed up your recovery with this innovative cooling bandage The best there...

3075B Steroban U Underwrap 2
ClubBasketballBandagesTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketFootballHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded ProductsUnderwrap

Steroban-U Underwrap

Polyurethane foam wrap which protects the skin from direct contact with tape...

3056 Sterocrepe Crepe Bandage
ClubFirst AidBasketballManagementBandagesBoxingCricketPhysioStaffCyclingFootballHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

Sterocrepe Crepe Bandage

These extremely high stretch crepe bandages are ideal for supporting strains and...

6854 Sterofix Dressing Retention Tape 3
First AidBasketballBandagesTaping and StrappingPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballDressingsRugbyFixing TapeSteroplast Branded Products

Sterofix Dressing Retention Tape

Premium skin-friendly fixing tape to secure dressings and bandages to the skin...

9542 Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage 3
First AidBasketballManagementBandagesBoxingPhysioCricketStaffCyclingFootballHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

Sterogauz Tubular Gauze Bandage

The cut-to-size tubular bandage is ideal for holding dressings in place on...

9502 Sterogrip Elasticated Tubular Bandage 3
First AidPlayerBasketballRehab & TherapyBandagesBoxingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyRehab at HomeSupportsSteroplast Branded Products

Sterogrip Elasticated Tubular Bandage

Tubular bandage for use on painful joints and holding bulky dressings in...

1912 Steropax Eyepad 2
ClubFirst AidBasketballBoxingManagementBandagesCricketTraumaPhysioStaffCyclingFootballHockeyNetballRugbyEyecareSteroplast Branded Products

Steropax Eyepad

For dressing damage to an individual’s eye and preventing further damage High...

Finger bandage
ClubFirst AidBasketballManagementBandagesTraumaPhysioCricketStaffCyclingFootballHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

Steropax Finger Bandage

Flowrapped Steropax finger bandage with strong elastication for holding the dressing in...

3051 Steroply Conforming Bandage 2
ClubFirst AidBasketballManagementBandagesBoxingCricketPhysioStaffCyclingFootballHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

Steroply Conforming Bandage

Lightweight, high-stretch bandage, a perfect choice for holding dressings in place High-quality...

9560 Triangular Bandage 1
AdventureClubFirst AidBasketballManagementBandagesBoxingPhysioCricketStaffCyclingFootballHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

Triangular Bandage

The versatile bandage that can be used to support and immobilise limbs...

3048 WOW Bandage 1
First AidClubBandagesBoxingManagementPhysioStaffFootballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

White Open Weave Bandage

A white-open-weave bandage is ideal for a wide range of applications A...