Disposable personal protective equipment ensures that cross-contamination is prevented when first aid is being given.

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WebDisposable Aprons
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Aprons – Disposable

The cost-effective and easy solution to a serious healthcare issue Disposable polythene...

Face Shield
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Face Shield

Disposable face shield/ visor Ideal for infection prevention and control, as it...

FFP3 valved face masks save for web
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FFP3 Valved Face Mask

These filtering facepieces (FFP) have been designed to effectively retain particles. They...

KN95 Front
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KN95 Face Masks

The KN95 face mask has a multilayer protective structure that can capture 95%...

Polycare overgowns
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Long Sleeve Gown

These single-use polyethene gowns feature an over-the-head-style design for excellent protection against...

1995 Nitrile Powder Free Gloves
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Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves

Soft and elasticated latex-free nitrile gloves for infection control when treating wounds...

save for web eyepro001 safety glasses
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Safety Glasses

The economical spectacle that offers all-round safety and value for money.

Grishna wearing mask
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Type IIR Face Masks

Medical grade, type IIR face masks with a superior 3 layer protection....