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For those who believe Sports injury rehabilitation isn’t just about making sure you’ve got a fully stocked first aid kit, we’ve got your back. In 2019, Sterosport established the Injury Rehab Network as a means for people to network, share ideas and collaborate on how to prevent, treat, and recover from injury.

The Injury Rehab Network facilitates collaboration between organisations from different sectors, including medical, academic, sport and health to come together to put Manchester and the North West on the map as the leading area for innovation in sports participation, performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The way we approach rehabilitation optimises a fast recovery. What happens in the crucial seconds, days, weeks, even years after an injury can be the difference between bouncing back fully fixed and living with a permanent ailment. Professionals who work in sports rehabilitation play a crucial role in the care and treatment of sportspeople and athletes. The Injury Rehab Network provides a unique platform for professionals to collaborate and engage in high-quality reflective practice. The events support Continuous Professional Development (CPD) with learning opportunities from exceptional guest speakers who kindly share their time and expertise.

Our coordinated approach to partnerships in sport means we seek out the skills and experience of real-world sports professionals to help sports rehabilitators to improve their knowledge and offer real-world solutions back. This isn’t just about keeping your first aid kit up to date; it’s about knowing what to do to enhance your skills in preventing sports injuries and taking an evidence-based approach to sports rehabilitation.


What is the Injury Rehab Network?

The goals and approaches of the Injury Rehab Network:

  1. Collaboration and growth
  2. Proactive learning culture
  3. Sharing best practice
  4. Fostering innovation
  5. Building an evidence base
  6. Research to understand needs and pool insights into trends
  7. Developing solutions to prevent injuries to help more people to move more

The Injury Rehab Network brings together professionals, students, and amateurs in the study of sports injury rehabilitation. Through presentations from world-class, expert guest speakers, discussion, workshops and networking events, we aim to facilitate the sharing of knowledge where attendees can discover new ways to support those playing sports and those treating injuries. Events are open for anyone who is working in, studying or interested in sports injuries and rehabilitation.

The Injury Rehab Network events provide a fantastic opportunity for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for any physios, therapists, sports rehabilitators, professors, doctors, academics, surgeons, medics, chiropractors, podiatrists, players, athletes, coaches or students to keep up to date with the latest thinking, developments and evidence for injury prevention and treatment in the sports sector. Through educating each other, shared knowledge and collaboration, we can provide the best support possible.

The Injury Rehab Network comprises a schedule of monthly events taking place in partnership with BASRaT, open to people in the UK and globally. The events include talks from exceptional multidisciplinary guest speakers experienced in sports injury rehabilitation who kindly share their practice, innovation and experience with attendees.

Professor Lennard Funk, who shared his expertise as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at two Injury Rehab Network events in 2021, said of the network:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to have been invited to teach on the Injury Rehab Network events. I have been impressed by the level of professionalism and organisation of Andrew Watson (from Steroplast) and Oliver Coburn (from BASRaT) in organising and running the online events.

The promotion via social media and presentation on their website is superb. It was nice to see that it included a huge range of individuals involved in sports medicine, from coaches to surgeons from around the world. They managed to draw massive audiences of over 500 delegates. The range of questions was expansive, and the expert moderation ensured that there was something of relevance for everyone.

The post-event blog is a nice touch and very professionally produced. The Injury Rehab Network has set a new level for online events! Thanks for all your efforts for our community.”

– Professor Lennard Funk, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, specialising in Shoulder Surgery

How does it work?

COVID-19 has taught us about adapting to difficult situations, and in doing so, connected us with people who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend Injury Rehab Network events. In the spirit of offering resources to whoever wants to expand their knowledge of sports injury recovery and rehabilitation, we’ve changed the way we do things for good.

From 2022 onwards, most of our events will be live-streamed so that people from beyond the North West of England can attend. While events themselves will be a combination of face-to-face and online formats, meaning that we can offer speakers the flexibility of presenting remotely if they are based too far away to be here in person.



The Injury Rehab Network is for everyone, not just sports physios and rehabilitation professionals. We believe that everyone who has an interest in sports should also have an interest in protection from injury. The more we talk about sports rehabilitation, the more support we can give each other. That’s why we offer access to the Injury Rehab Network to all our partners.

For players, this means performing at your absolute best, making sure you can be resilient, prevent injuries and bounce back quickly if you do get injured. For those working in sports rehabilitation, this means giving your athletes the very best chance and the most fulfilling experience to allow them to accomplish their goals. Robust infection control plans are now a part of everyday life as we care for each other and keep people around us safe. We want this level of careful consideration of each others’ well-being to last long after restrictions are lifted. When we no longer have to worry about the transmission of COVID-19, we should still be vigilant against injury and stay on the cutting edge of sports injury risk. Through supporting one another and fostering a safe and secure environment, we can push our limits and reach our goals in sport.


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