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Dave Fevre named as keynote speaker for our next Injury Rehab Network event

Dave Fevre and Solskjaer

Sterosport, the sports-focused arm of Manchester-based Steroplast Healthcare, has announced that Dave Fevre, the noted authority in physiotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation, will be the keynote speaker at the next event (25th November 2019) of the Injury Rehab Network. The theme of this (free) event will be Team Preparation in Professional Sport. The discussion will centre on how to encourage the whole of sports teams; from players to management. Working together to improve performance and rehabilitation times.

Injury Rehab Network

The Injury Rehab Network is a group which offers professionals who work with sports injuries the opportunity to network, share ideas and collaborate through regular free events. The group was established in early 2019 by Sterosport, an arm of Steroplast Healthcare dedicated to the support of sports professionals in Manchester and the surrounding area. The format of each event is a keynote speech, delivered by a known authority or personality in sport. This is then followed by a discussion and facilitated networking. Previous speakers include Hannah Dines, the Paralympian, scientist and writer.

The next event will be the fourth in the series, and the speaker will be Dave Fevre. Dave is a leading name in physiotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation. Dave currently holds consultancy roles with several European, Premiership and Championship football clubs. He has been Chartered Physiotherapist for Wales, Manchester United and Great Britain Rugby League, among others. He is also an honorary lecturer at both Salford and Manchester University. Dave was awarded the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Professional Football’ award in 2014 by the Football Medical Association (FMA) and ‘The Fabrice Muamba Outstanding Contribution to Professional Football Award in the NW of England’ in 2015.

Dave Fevre

“The Steroplast rehab network is a great initiative,” said Dave Fevre. “The events are a significant benefit to the local sporting community. I’m very pleased to contribute in any way I can.”

“We’re absolutely delighted that Dave has agreed to give this talk,” said Andrew Watson, Head of Business Development at Steroplast. “The willingness of speakers of his calibre and reputation have played a major part in the early success of the Injury Rehab Network. We’re confident that this success will continue.”

Reserve your place now

The next event of the Injury Rehab Network is on 25th November 2019. Anyone professionally involved with sporting performance and rehabilitation from injury is welcome to attend. However, while attendance to the event is free, the places available are limited. They will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. To reserve a place, please call Andrew Watson on 0161 902 3030 or email andrew@steroplast.co.uk.

For more about the Injury Rehab Network, please go to www.steroplast.co.uk/content or  join the LinkedIn group.

About Steroplast Healthcare

Established over two decades ago, Steroplast is today a leading UK wholesaler of pharmaceuticals, distributor of diagnostic equipment and supplier of a comprehensive range of medical disposables. The company’s healthcare range runs into thousands of lines. Continuing to expand to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Many of the best known brands in healthcare work with Steroplast Healthcare, including the British Red Cross who relies on the company as an exclusive supplier. Sterosport was established in early 2019 as an arm of the company dedicated to supporting the local sports community.

For more information, please contact Andrew Watson on 0161 902 3030 or email andrew@steroplast.co.uk.

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