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Win a Sterosport Activ prize bundle worth over £20

Sterosport activ explorer first aid kit

We’re working with Love To Ride on their Ride it Out campaign

Steroplast Healthcare wants to help cyclists, adventurers, hikers, and people who love family walks, stay safe. Our range of carefully curated first aid kits and bolt-ons have been designed to help keep you informed and safe whilst staying active outdoors. Steroplast are delighted to support Love to Ride and Ride it Out this March and to help more people to enjoy the benefits of riding a bike. Find out more about the Love To Ride campaign here.

Win a Sterosport Activ prize bundle

Sterosport Activ prize bundle

Five lucky Ride it Out participants will be randomly selected to win a Sterosport Activ prize bundle worth over £20. Each bundle will include:

  • A Sterosport Activ Explorer Kit
  • Pack of 4 Steropore large plasters
  • Pack of 16 washproof assorted hypoallergenic plasters
  • 5 Sterowash eye/ wound wash pods
  • A handy Sterosan Hand Sanitiser (50ml)

You can register to be a Ride It Out participant here.

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All Ride it Out participants can be prepared with a Sterosport Activ first aid kit – use the code L2R20 to get 20% off the full range of specialist first aid kits.

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